Inferno! Volume 4 (Paperback)

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12 new tales from the worlds of Warhammer

Includes stories by George Mann, Mike Brooks and Guy Haley

The latest in the regular series of all-action anthologies

The Karsharat Abomination by George Mann
The Hand of Harrow by Denny Flowers
Firstborn Exile by Filip Weltgren
At the Sign of the Brazen Claw: The Sorcerer's Tale by Guy Haley
Journey of the Magi by Jonathan Green
The Manse of Mirrors by Nick Horth
Salvage Rites by Thomas Parrott
Green and Grey by Edoardo Albert
The Fourfold Wound by Eric Gregory
Where Dere's Da Warp Dere's A Way by Mike Brooks
The Serpent's Bargain by Jamie Crisalli
Blackout by J C Stearns

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